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BannerTM Finance / Human Resources Security Statement
Security, confidentiality, and responsibility of actions are matters of concern to all SOU employees and others who have access to records within BannerTM Finance / Human Resources. The purpose of this document is to clarify responsibility in these areas. Each individual who has access to information and access to create electronic transactions is expected to adhere to the regulations stated below. Computer monitors should be positioned so that any confidential information displayed on the screen is not readily accessible to persons who may not have authorized access.
Screens should be cleared when the information is no longer being used. Additionally, users should log off BannerTM Finance / Human Resources when they may be away from their work area for extended periods of time. If you have any knowledge of a violation, you should report it to your supervisor immediately. This may include any action that might compromise the protection of the system resources, unidentified persons in the office or other restricted work areas, and/or removal of equipment or reports by unknown persons. Violations may lead to disciplinary action consistent with general personnel policies.
BannerTM Finance / Human Resources Security Agreement
I acknowledge that I have access to financial records and a financial data entry system and I agree:
To not share user names and passwords with others and to change passwords at frequent intervals
To not make or allow any unauthorized use of information in the system
To not seek personal benefit or allow others to benefit personally by entering or approving transactions or records into the system that would result in theft, embezzlement, fraud, misuse, or unauthorized access
To not knowingly include a false, inaccurate, or misleading entry in any report or record
To not knowingly and wrongfully expunge records and files from the system
To not use access to the system that in any way exceeds or violates the specific budget authorization and/or my specific job duties and responsibilities as directed by my supervisor
To notify the BannerTM Finance / Human Resources security officer of any pending change in my employment status (change in assignment, transfer, separation, or retirement)

Describe your job duties/responsibilities that necessitate access to the system (ex. Input JVs, POs, INVs; query financial data; run reports). This information will be verified with your supervisor.
Can the requested access be copied from your predecessor?*

By clicking on the button below, you and your supervisor agree that you have both read and understand the security statement and that you will abide by the security agreement above.
Providing false or misleading information or failure to abide by the terms of the above agreement may be subject to access removal and/or disciplinary action.